Creators Stamp Rally of SecondLife

Get a stamp card by shopping at Choice! participants stores!
Visit all the stores, collected all store's stamps to win prize!

September 24, 2011(Sat)
October 24, 2011(Mon)

*Event hall*

*Picnic stamper*

A stamp mark may disappear by unstable SIM or Crash.
You can do Save by Dettach & Attach.
Please Dettach regularly, and Attach again.
(It's specifications of SL that not saved while you do Attach)

*Support Creators Shop*
Body Language / Love Soul / Feather / Picnic / **DP**yumyum
Vooner / *Edelweiss* / +mocha+ / NINIKO / YABUSAKA / Sick
*chronokit* / HPMD / +grasp+ / Zero Style / *Y's HOUSE*
KAMI-HITOE / Honey kitty / HANAUTA / tram

Choice! Fun Group
Choice! Group privilege
 * You can collect a stamp since before an event start !!
 * You can exchange Prize 1day earlier !!
 Group participation is FREE!! You can participate anytime!!

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