CSR 2008 winter event

[ limited edition. not for sale! ]
Picnic CSR2008 Winter Event present !
"Picnic bird cage tree & fortunetelling note"
☆Contents:①Picnic bird cage [CSR2008w]
        ②Picnic fortunetelling note [wear me]
        ③Picnic fortunetelling note [hanging]
☆Type: ◎Bird cage tree
      ◎Fortunetelling notebook / Two types(wear / setting)
 □ mod □ copy ■ trans
★ Usage of fortunetelling note
  ① [wear me] [hanging]I install it in the place of the option or put it on.
  ② I drive what I want to tell into the chat
  ③ I am involved in a central part of fortunetelling note.
  ④ I tell fortunetelling note from either of "○△X.
Postscript:[While a lover hears a song of Blue Bird of Happiness under the tree of the bird cage, I work as a love fortuneteller]